Munich Colmcilles run training for gaelic football and hurling/camogie throughout the year.

Adult training is built around our mens and ladies teams. New players and beginners are always welcome.

Youth training is suitable for boys and girls usually from 6 years old and upwards. The training sessions are structured to keep the young ones busy, while the older kids practice skills and get to play matches.

Training sessions take place on Tuesday evenings (adults) and Saturday mornings (adults and kids). During the main season, training takes place outdoors at our pitches, while over the winter, we arrange indoor training sessions

For specific training times and session planning, contact a relevant committee member, who will arrange to add you to the appropriate message groups where up to date information is posted.

Training Info

Coaching Team

Team Who
Men's Football Mark Ruane / Derek McDonnell
Ladies' Football Janet Tait
Hurling Ciaran Ried / Sean Simpson
Camogie Shauna Ceon
Youth Dermot Kelly

Anybody is more than welcome to turn up for a training session, all you need is some football boots or other studded shoes (trainers will do if you have no boots). If you have not attended a training before, please contact the relevant club contact mentioned below to ensure that training is taking place on the date you wish to attend.

For hurling, equipment (hurley and helmet) is usually available to borrow for probezeit. Members need to buy their own hurley and helmet, the club can assist in helping you choose the right size and also in purchasing the equipment,

You can attend 2 training sessions for free (probezeit) after which you should apply for membership (see below) to continue attending training.

Adults: please contact the club Secretary to ensure that training is taking place on the date you wish to attend.

Kids: Please contact the Youth Officer to ensure that training is taking place on the date you wish to attend.


There are different category of memberships outlined here. Please review before applying to join the club.

How To Join

To become a member, choose your membership type (see below) and contact the club. We will provide you with the required paperwork to sign, and payment details.

Annual membership runs from 1 January to 31 December.

As a member, you will have access to training facilities and qualified coaches for gaelic football and hurling. We also have regular social events, where all members of course are welcome to join in.

Important:All members are expected to have their own health insurance (as is required by law in Germany). There is also insurance available ot adult members to cover specific sport related claims. Please contact the cumb vor more information.

Type Details
Adult - Full Ladies and Men, 18 years and older who wish to train and play regularily, and partake in tournaments
Student Students with valid student id for the year of membership, with access to training and tournament participation
Youth Girls and boy, under 18 years, can participate in youth training and partake in youth tournaments
Family Boys and girls form the same family, same benefits as described tof Youth above
Social For people who want to be involved in club activities, but not playing. Ideal for parents for example who don't play the games.


Type Fee
Adult - Full 100€
Student 50€
Youth 30€
Family 50€
Social 20€



When you are ordering your GAAGO subscription, use the promo code 024CS17! and 10% of the purchase cost will go to the München Colmcilles. If you would like some more information, you can find it here.